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The Bunker Live presents indie-original solo artists and bands to lovers of live music via a unique livestream experience via YouTube The audience can interact with band between songs, and will experience a up-close and intimate performance on TV, Mobile Phone or Tablet.  

Shows on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 8:30 PM Central Time

Upcomming Shows!

The Staleys, Thur, Jun 13
Event The Staleys.jpg

Come join The Stayles as they  take you on an indie road trip full of sweet folk tales, big catchy hooks, stomp and clap sing alongs, and bluesy solos, all while appearing to have more fun than anyone else in the room - which is probably most impressive because we all hate each other. 


Brothers Matt & Kyle, brothers in law, Victor and Drew, and brother from another mother, Tom, form The Stayles, an American rock & roll band.

We released our first single in Feb 2023, our first EP in April 2024 and are currently under construction on our first full length album, aiming to release in July 2024.  

Steven Bard, Tue, June 18
Event Steven Bard.jpg

Tune in for Steven Bard on a musical journey that details the life of a sappy, confused, drug-fueled mind of a fifteen year old boy, slowly, but surely, becoming a less confused, cali-sober, and witty as ever man. Don't miss it!


Steven Bard is a 30 year old man born and raised on the southside of Chicago. (Mt Greenwood/Alsip) His dad (Marine turned tradesmen) and mom (super-mom/waitress/insurance writer) were and are huge influences on his extensive music taste. 

50k Check, Thur, June 20
Event 50k Check.jpg

$50k Check is exploding onto the Chicago scene. Catch a live performance of songs from their recent album “Fifty Thousand Dollar Check”


50k Check is a Chicago band that blends 70s post-punk, 60s psychedelic pop, and a noisy indie rock that gives every song its own unique vibe. On their first album, songs build from pin-drop quiet to all-encompassing layers of sound, others peel a song, layer by layer, to reveal their essence. Behind Kelly Torch’s soaring vocals, the band sways between melody and fuzz, groove and trance, dance and lounge. 50K Check is Kelly Torch on vocals, Mason Payne on guitar, Kisira Hill on bass, Karl El Sokhn on drums and David Greene on keys. 

Early 50k music leaned heavily on a psychedelic variation of the more trace-oriented elements of bands like Stereolab and Sonic Youth. Layers of keys and swooping and swirling guitars over a steady bass and drum groove. Over time, lyricists Kelly Torch and Mason Payne began pulling the songs into a slightly poppier direction – sometimes leaning toward late 80s post-punk and other times an early 90s indie/alternative direction.

Mel Senese, Thur, Jun 27
Event Mel Senese 1.jpg

Mel Senese is an up-and-coming artist from Chicago who offers an inspired take on Pop/Rock. Channeling the powerhouse energy of Pink mixed with Paramore and No Doubt, Mel has had the honor of performing throughout the midwest and has also completed in her home city earning her the title of big break champion in 2017. She’s also opened for Dorothy, Starbenders, and The Veronica’s. 


Inspired by the struggles of everyday life, Mel interprets and alters circumstances with Passion and Hope. Mel’s Presence is something that will draw you in and keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Houndsen, Thur, Jul 11
Event Houndsen.jpg

“Road To Homegrown” series Houndsen presented by Aaron Williams and Brian Christian Adam as prelude to their show at Homegrown Arts and Music festival coming up Sat July 27th.  


Houndsen came together in 2022 and has released the singles, Make It Right, I See Your Wolf, Cut The Cord. Same Ol’ Mistake will be our next release  this Summer. Check Houndsen out at HomeGrown Festival on Lisle on June 27th

Randy Sax, Tue, Jul 16
Event Randy Sax.jpg

SOS: Randy Sax is having a mental breakdown LIVE on The Bunker


Chicago artist Randy Sax has an evolving style with tastes of grime, punk, and electronic. The subject matter consists of satirical existentialism, executed as care-free anthems made to empower. In the dawn of 2023, Randy Sax began a relationship with the people of Chicago. The message: “Spotify Randy Sax” hung proud on the IL-290 highway overpass. A small and strong group of listeners evolved from this odd stunt. Unrelenting ready-made DIY guerrilla marketing tactics include the Chicago pedestrian as part of Randy’s audience. 

Arnica Montana, Thur July 18th
Event Arnica Montana.jpg

“Road To Homegrown” series, Arnica Montana presented by Aaron Williams and Brian Christian Adam as prelude to their show at Homegrown Arts and Music festival coming up Sat July 27th.  


A multitude of genres, song styles, and jam sequences make Arnica Montana  show unique and guaranteed to get people moving.


Introduced to the music scene in 2019, AM emerges as a dynamic fusion of rock, funk, and jam-band prowess. Drawing from a diverse spectrum of influences ranging from the improvisational genius of icons like the Grateful Dead, Phish, and Goose, to the contemporary indie and alternative landscape, Arnica Montana crafts a musical journey that transcends genres. Infusing elements of country, soft rock, blues, and funk, their live performances promise an ever-thrilling and evolving experience for audiences. They released their debut self-titled album in 2023.

Kings By Day, Thur, Jul 25
Event Kings By Day.jpg

“Road To Homegrown” series Kings By Day presented by Aaron Williams and Brian Christian Adam as prelude to their show at Homegrown Arts and Music festival coming up Sat July 27th.  

The Selectones, Thur, Oct 10
Event Selectones.jpg

The Selectones share stories of human experience, love, and actionable social change with Reggae as the vehicle. Don’t miss the chance to tap into some positivity!

After almost ten years of numerous member changes, trying out Classic Rock and Punk genres, and a lot of hard work, The Selectones are sharing stories of human experience, actionable social change, love, peace, and positivity with their new EP! With their second appearance at Merchant Street Music Fest in Kankakee, IL, they are ready to reach new heights and they invite you on their journey!

Recent past shows!

Downers Groove, Thur, May 30
Event Downers Groove.jpg

Kicking off the “Road To Homegrown” series Downers Groove presented by Aaron Williams and Brian Christian Adam as prelude to their show at Homegrown Arts and Music festival coming up Sat July 27th.  


A formation of close friends, Downers Groove has been harvesting their sound and reputation since 2012.  From their home base in Downers Grove, they have become well known for blending their influences into a collective, new sound.  Heartfelt lyrics, catchy melodies, high-energy improvisation and a sense of humor weave together a seamless musical experience full of style only old-time friends can brew.  


Downers Groove is “well-versed in variety, with a live performance [style] that showcases their skill in onstage communication and intuitive improvisation” (The Daily Herald).  Performing in Chicago since 2012 at such venues as Martyrs’, Reggie’s, The Cubby Bear, aliveOne, Bourbon on Division, and Phyllis’ Musical Inn, they have appeared at a number of music festivals including Homegrown Music and Arts Festival, Dunesville Music Festival, Grateful Bear Campout, Bridgeview Shakedown, Eyes to The Skies, and Summer Camp: On the Road Tour.  The DG flame is catching fire and burning it's way around the Midwest circuit.  

The Ricky Liontones Revue Thur, May 16
Ricky Liontones Revue 1.jpg

The Ricky Liontones Revue is a once in a lifetime journey through genres and harks back to the heyday of Rock’n’Roll decadence. The catenergy of the “throw the tv through the window” is in every note played and sung.  They are simply Chicago's finest noise.


Ricky Liontones is a multi talented singer-songwriter from Chicago who

has made a name for himself in the music industry with his unique blend of funk, pop, androck music. Born and raised in the Windy City, Ricky's obsession for music began when he bought his first guitar in the summer of his freshman high school year. With a powerful voice and dynamic stage presence, Ricky quickly gained a following in the Chicago music scene. He has built a fanbase drawn to his high-energy live shows by playing on just about every stage in Chicago and its surrounding cities and performing at festivals like Ruido Fest, Wicker Park Fest, Good Ole Days Fest and Pilsen Fest. He’s shared the stage with Joanna Connor, LA Guns, Demob Happy, Stoner, The Dead Boys, Suzi Moon and countless other incredible musicians.


Ricky Liontones has continued to tour and release new music, earning a reputation as one of the most exciting and consistent musicians in the Chicagoland area. He has recorded and released 3 solo albums and been on at least 10 other albums and recordings. He has an album due out in Fall of 2024 called “DejaVolution”. The title track is out now on all major streaming platforms.

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