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The Bunker Live presents indie-original solo artists and bands to lovers of live music via a unique livestream experience via YouTube The audience can interact with band between songs, and will experience a up-close and intimate performance on TV, Mobile Phone or Tablet.  

Shows on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 8:30 PM Central Time

Upcomming Shows!

Modern Daybreak, Thur, Feb 22
Event Modern Daybreak.jpg

Modern Daybreak is a collective of like minded musicians seeking love, peace, and understanding. Our music is the expression of years of hard work, heartbreak, and hope, coalescing in a project unlike any we’ve been a part of before. We come from all different walks of life, working together to create music without limits, boundaries, or  set genres. Modern Daybreak began in August of 2019. Since then, the band became a second family for its members.

KADOOGE, Thur, Feb 29
Event Kadooge 2.jpg

Hailing from Aurora, Illinois, this four piece came together and found a passion and chemistry that sounds like they have been together for decades. With metal, rock, blues, and world music influences, Kadooge! combines heavy riffs with melodic passages, delivering songs about life with a hook that is undeniable.


Kadooge! has been interviewed on the famed JBTV and on radio stations such as North Central College's WONC 89.1, and Northeastern Illinois University station WZRD 88.3 FM. They have played numerous shows including the 7th annual Homegrown Arts and Music Festival. 

Kendall Colette, Tue, Mar 12
Event Kendall Colette.jpg

With a melodic, powerful style of independent rock, Kendall Colette is fresh face in the singer-songwriter scene whose style is reminiscent of the hazy, smoke-filled music clubs of old. 

With two singles released already in the past year, titled “Say the Word” and “Before”, Kendall is in the process of finishing her first full length LP and can be seen performing around the Chicagoland area nearly every weekend, both acoustically & with a full supporting band. 

Primal Moon, Thur, Mar 14
Primal Moon 3, Thur, Feb 1.jpg

Primal Moon puts on a performance that brings the excitement of Rock n Roll and the feel of the blues to the ears’ of their listeners. 


Primal Moon has just released their debut LP “Ain’t Gonna Change”. The album is a mix of different influences and styles all while keeping the undertones of Rock n Roll present in every note. They are currently hard at work promoting it and are planning various Midwest tours this year. 


Joe Brunker-Lead Vocal

Brian Alberts-Guitar and Backing Vocal 

Justin Stockton-Guitar and Backing Vocal 

Luke Pope-Bass Guitar and Backing Vocal 

Tony Tessari-Drums and Percussion 

Shadowfields, Thur, Apr 11
Event Shadowfields.jpg

Come journey east across North Carolina, through the Great Smoky Mountains, heading north to West Virginia. Out the front windows you see rock-flint touches, panels of torchlight and in the air you’re hearing graceful strings, a pint of sultry, soulful vocals in an emotionally lush arrangement - you’re entering the Shadowfields.


With the band’s strong Americana roots, Shadowfields is the all-out expression of dual vocalists, musicians and songwriters, Tom McKeown and Heather Humphrey, collaborators and composers for 15 years. Together with fellow musicians, Tony Meadors (bass), Gary Jacklin (violin) and Pat Culligan (drums), the band, with mash-up sound of Nickel Creek, Avett Brothers and Fleetwood Mac, mixes up the traditional Americana approach with Bohemian twists and rocky turns that newcomers won’t expect yet will truly enjoy.

Cleggie, Thur, Apr 11
Event Cleggie.jpg

Cleggie performs songs written from a place of vulnerability and yet offers an uplifting message.  His next single “Always Been Your Home” releasing late spring 

The Erly, Thur Apr 25th
Event The Erly 2.jpg

The Erly is back at The Bunker to promote their brand new song, out April 24th, 2024. Join Collin, Trevor, Fran, and newest member, Simon, as they showcase their previous 3 albums worth of material - a concoction of folk music, disco, and funk that has evolved into jam music with melody laced with vocal harmony. 

Recent past shows!

Limestone Loveseat, Thur Feb 15
Event Limestone Loveseat.jpg

Limestone Loveseat is an enigmatic dichotomy that’s difficult to live up to, a confusing blend of soft yet sharp, warm but cold. Zac and Elijah bring a friendly comfortable vibe while also trying to out-rock each between Eli’s raging vocals and Zac’s blistering solos.


Musical acquaintances for over a decade, Zac and Eli joined forces in 2019 to bring a fresh rock n’ roll duo vibe to the Chicagoland suburbs. They later moved to Nashville and formed Limestone Loveseat, an eclectic vibe to match their odd style. Blending rock, pop, folk, and funk, the two released their semi-eponymous debut single “Loveseat” in August 2023.

Kristin Rose Kelly, Thur Jan 25
Event Kristin Rose Kelly.jpg

Emmy nominated artist Kristin Rose Kelly is a self taught performer who has developed her unique sound as soon as she had her hands on her first guitar at age twelve. 
Touring the United States "KRK" has been gaining fans and followers where ever she performs. Kristin is in high demand for venues, festivals & corporate events. When touring she frequents her home base in Chicago creating waves and buzz with her strong passionate voice and dynamic songs.

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