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Schedule 2022 A promo ig-01_edited.jpg Wht.rbbt.obj, Thur, June 15    

Bluesy, Smokey, Sexy, and Raw. wht.rbbt.obj is a femme fatale fronted, guitar driven alt rock outfit that invites you to follow them down the rabbit hole and peer through the looking class.

eclectic mix of sounds and musical colors, Chicago trio SUNVOLUME fuses a vast array of influences to electrify a new current into modern rock music. Katie Hibben, Tue July 18

Catchy and dynamic songs with passionate vocals and lyrics. A little bit country, a little bit rock! Waterfall King, Thur July 20

3 piece doom metal band from the Chicagoland area that takes the genre of doom and adds elements of other genres from grunge to nu-metal. Glasshouse Owl,Thur, Sept 21

Dirty, distortion-filled guitars, vibrant keys, grooving bass lines, and melodic vocals with a growling delivery that could rise to a stunning bellow all over hard-hitting, pulsing percussions, CHEF, Thur, Sept 28

Jazzy guitar chord extensions over funky basslines, with psychedelic and house/electronic influence Rebels in Stereo, Thur, Oct 26

Chicago-based & female-fronted power-pop punk/rock band brings you a lineup of brand new, never heard before tracks from their upcoming full length album.


 The Tax on Doors & Windows,Thur Nov 9

A collection of earnest reflections on select feelings, thoughts, and observations that are specific to ourselves and the city of Chicago.

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